Friday, 9 March 2007


With a hat-tip to xkcd I decided to knock up an ugly script to convert this:
aelwell@ppepc62:~$ ls tra*06T*.log
transfer-2007-03-06T09-52-38.log transfer-2007-03-06T14-38-59.log transfer-2007-03-06T19-06-22.log

consisting of blocks like
Transfer: srm:// to srm:
Size: 1000000000.0
FTS Duration: 188
FTS Retries: 0
FTS State: Done
FTS Reason: (null)
Local_Created: 1173174769.27
Local_Submit: 1173174769.3
Submitted: 1173174770.69
Active: 1173174832.97
Done: 1173175041.23
Delete_time: 1173175050.67

into the much prettier

As normal, it's available on

Thursday, 8 March 2007

voms proxy issues

Another day, another pile of transfer tests. Or not. Problem renewing my voms-proxy. bombed out with:
Error: Could not establish authenticated connection with the server.
GSS Major Status: Unexpected Gatekeeper or Service Name
GSS Minor Status Error Chain:

an unknown error occurred

so I raised GGUS Ticket (19457)

Old Logs Available

There is a new link on my ATLAS tests page "All Logs" which allows one to look at old log and output files. These can be filtered by institute. It's a bit flaky because the webserver isn't really up to it. Logs before February 8 have been lost.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Transfer Tests Milestones

Started to work on the Q1 transfer tests (hey, I know I only have a month to go) - Stub on the Wiki at

Next step this afternoon is to try and get the experiment dress rehersal timetable and ensure we're not clashing